Caravan Polishing

When your caravan has lost its initial showroom shine we are the team that can put it back, we can turn back the clock and make an old sun damaged caravan look like new, restoring pride in your pride and joy and increasing its sales value!

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Caravan Stickers

If the sun and damaged or faded your stickers we can do something about it! we can remove old stickers and replace them with duplicates are completely renovate them using your own ideas.

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Caravan Protection

Keep that shine long term on new caravans or recently polished caravans without the need for waxing! With a Caravan Facelift protective coating. providing the ultimate in caravan paintwork protection.

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At Your Storage Site or Holiday Park

We have agreements with some caravan storage centres and holiday parks to visit and work onsite, giving your the ultimate Caravan Facelift experience without interrupting your day

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We are theĀ caravan polishing service specialists, Caravans and Motorhomes are completely different to regular car and van paintwork and require very different approaches to avoid permanent damage to your caravan. We have dedicated ourselves to only working on Caravans and motorhomes as we know how best to restore your pride and joy with the care and attention that caravans require.

Dedicated Caravan Polishing Service

Standard car washes and valets do not specialise in caravans and motorhomes, They don't have the in depth knowledge that our caravans demand and they can damage paintwork and even the break the seals that keep your caravan free from damp! leading to water ingress and a huge repair bill!

We don't use power washers that will blast through seals or chemicals that break the bonds of sealants, we only use caravan friendly products that we have painstakingly researched over years and skilled machine polishing to achieve results that you simply cannot get by hand.

We restore your caravan's glossy finish that it was designed to have, let us give you back your shine

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