caravan polishing professional caravan paintwork restoration

When your caravan has lost its initial showroom shine, dull panels can really age a caravan, we are the team that can put the shine back with results you simply can not get by hand at home, we can turn back the clock and make an older looking caravan look like new, Removing the Oxidised layer and restoring the glossy shine in your pride and joy & even increasing its sales value!

Man Polishing Caravan by machine

There is only one way remove this powdery haze or “Oxidisation damage” and that is to remove a microscopic layer of damage using a specialist polishing machine, These machines are not for the unskilled and only properly trained individuals can use them without causing damage, but in skilled hands they can and do work miracles.

caravan polishing professional caravan paintwork restoration after

But having the machine and the skills to wield it are not the full answer, Caravan and Motorhome paintwork and bodywork are not like Cars and off the shelf automotive products are not good enough.
Caravan paintwork is specific and only experience working with caravans can give the knowledge of which compounds, polishes & glazes are safe to use on caravan exteriors without burning through your caravans delicate paintwork or even damaging your caravan’s all important seals.

Letting just anyone with a rotary polisher attack your caravan can be disastrous!  

At caravan facelift we have developed the skills and knowledge to produce amazing results on all types of caravans and motorhomes that simply cannot be done by hand at home or at a roadside car wash,

We use specialist caravan friendly chemicals and polishes along with cutting edge polishing machinery to achieve a long lasting showroom shine results on even the dullest of caravans banishing the dreaded oxidisation for good and protecting your caravan’s paintwork and panels!
Increase the sales value of your older caravan by giving it a caravan facelift to make it look years younger.

Call or email us today to see what we can do for you, when you see your caravan shine again you’ll be glad you did

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